Monday, May 18, 2009

Andrew's Visit

Here are a few pictures of when my brother Andrew came last month for a visit. It was really nice to spend some time with him and get to know him better. We had a great time!
One of the tings we did when he was here, was to take the kids and go play at Potowatami State Park near Sturgeon Bay. It was a pretty nice day for early spring here in Wisconsin. We climbed the 'look out' tower to get a nice view of the bay. There was still alot of ice on the water.
It's pretty pathetic to say, but after climbing all those stairs as fast as we did to keep up with all the young ones, Andrew and I both had sore quads the next day...argggh!

The little ones had fun playing on the park equipment. This was the first outing to a park after a long winter.

After, we headed over to our favorite place, Culver's Custard! I was so excited because they were running a special that day for a buy one Concrete and get another one for free. Love good deals!!

Dave took Andrew out on the Ahnapee River for a morning of canoeing. Andrew said he had never been out on a canoe before so I think he had a good time. They saw a lot of wildlife.

Dave, Andrew and I hanging out on the bay in Fish Creek.

On of the traditions we have when family comes to visit from Utah is to take them to my favorite restaurant in Fish Creek called The White Gull Inn. It's a darling little inn that had wonderful food. One of the traditional meals they serve that is customary for the peninsula is called a Fish Boil.

They put some fresh, local caught whitefish in a big pot along with some red potatoes (in separate baskets).

Then the Mater Boiler adds what he says is, "a pinch of salt"...

...then he trows some kerosene on the fire and the pot of boiling water heats up really fast and the oils from the fish boil over resulting in a much tastier, less fishy tasting fish. It's quite a show!!!

The meal is served in the restaurant along with some wonderful breads, coleslaw and delicious cherry pie a'la mode! It's a great meal! If you're ever in the area, call and we'll have to take you there. You won't be disappointed!


phh said...

so MUCH fun. i sure wish i came to visit. i'm jealous jealous jealous.

Kimberly Davis said...

I just read your blog -super cute!! I want to come up and try that fish fry...sounds fun!